[How to store Puer tea cake]_How to store_Storage method

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[How to store Puer tea cake]_How to store_Storage method

The longer the Puer tea is stored, the more fragrant it is. Therefore, this involves the preservation of Pu’er tea. Only when it is well preserved can it be prevented from spoiling and taste better.In some cases, it will cause the deterioration of Pu’er tea. This is a pity. There are many ways to preserve Pu’er tea. Avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.

Home storage of Pu’er tea, how to achieve this “drinkable antique” is like “more old and more fragrant” under professional storage conditions. Home storage of Pu’er tea must do the following six aspects: storage 1, storage of Pu’er tea to avoid high temperature and high temperatureIt will accelerate the degradation of chlorophyll in Pu’er tea, chlorophyll will continue to transform into pheophytin, bright green will become dark brown, and the auto-oxidation of tea polyphenols and other substances will also accelerate at high temperature. According to research, every 10 ℃ increase in temperature,Puer tea’s browning speed will be accelerated, and the tea will easily age and affect its quality.

2. Store Pu’er tea to avoid direct sunlight. The plant pigments and lipids in Pu’er tea are prone to photochemical reactions, and produce sun and other flavors.

Pu’er tea is particularly sensitive to light, so put Pu’er tea away from direct sunlight.

3. Store Pu’er tea to avoid odor. Tea is a porous and loose body, and it is very easy to absorb odor.

Avoid odors in the place where Pu’er tea is placed. The odor can make Pu’er tea absorb the odor and affect its essential flavor.

Put Pu’er tea as an important point so that the tea does not absorb the odor generated in the home.

Every family always has one or more family odors, such as the fumes of cooking and eating, the smell of washing products used in bath cleaning, and the temperature and humidity of toxic gases released from furniture.
It is recommended that tea be scented. Do not store puer tea at home near odorous or mixed places, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and new cabinets.

4. Put Pu’er tea to avoid moisture Pu’er tea is a porous loose body, many substances are hydrophilic compounds, it is easy to absorb moisture and damp, and the volume of Pu’er tea will increase after the tide, when the volume of Pu’er tea exceeds 8%, Pu’er tea will accelerate spoilage and mold after breeding microorganisms.

Should be stored in a cool and dry place.

5, Pu’er tea storage environment is stored in a warm, humid, aerobic and odor-free space. If you want to convert Pu’er tea to a better quality, instead of buying it at home, you need to perform regular inspections on Pu’er tea.And try to adjust the environment to the best condition.

In addition to checking the degree of transformation, the contents of the inspection should also be checked for mold or worms, if any, they should be dealt with in time, so as not to be undone after they become serious.

6. Simple management method For the storage of Pu’er tea, there is a description on the packaging paper. In fact, it is a basic requirement for storage of Pu’er tea. For ordinary household placement, it can do what it says.It is enough to do the instructions. If you store a small amount of tea, you can use a large kraft paper envelope to try to keep your tea together, and do not put it with things that are not tea products to prevent skewers.

But if your collector’s Pu’er tea can or has higher requirements for tea storage, the distance cannot be dissipated, which means a bit of “deadness”, which makes people uncomfortable living in an airless environment.